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Train your Brain for Success at School

Student Success in School Now!

Release Stress & Anxiety – Retain Knowledge – Ace Exams - Feel Better - Sleep Well - Be Healthy!

The solution to success and fulfillment at school is all within the power of you own mind!

These solution-focused hypnosis audios can dramatically and permanently improve and enhance your life at school, home or work, alone or with others, day or night.

With hypnosis, you will learn how to change your mind, and your mind will change your life.

These six powerfully effective self-hypnosis audios, recorded by Board Certified Hypnotherapist Rick Paddock, quickly, effectively and efficiently modify your mindsets, behaviors and habits to those that improve your overall sense of well-being, confidence and self-acceptance, all while allowing you to learn rapidly, as well as retain and recall information better than ever.

Most of your neurological and physiological responses and reactions are simply learned behaviors. These six separate & powerful session programs employ specific motivational & educational components that reprogram those habits, on a neurological, psychological and/or physiological level, into healthy, motivating, desirable ones.

Audio #1: Overcome Stress & Anxiety

It’s not your fault that you are feeling anxious, stressed, feeling overwhelmed or out-of-control – your subconscious mind has been working against you!

How can a relaxed, calm mindset and feeling be so difficult to experience when you desire it so strongly?

You may be fighting an uphill battle – against yourself! This powerful Self-Hypnosis Audio, recorded by Board Certified Hypnotist Rick Paddock, makes adjustments to the subconscious programming in your mind that has been preventing you from finding that relaxed, calm, in-control place.

You see, we all have two parts to our mind, our conscious and subconscious.

Our conscious mind is what we are aware of at any given moment, including our thoughts and desires for peace, relaxation and comfort. Our subconscious is much more powerful, always running in the background, causing us to feel and think in ways that have become habitual to us. Often our conscious desires and wishes don’t match up with the habits stored in our subconscious. And when the conscious mind and subconscious mind disagree, the subconscious always wins. However, when the subconscious supports your conscious desires and wishes to feel calm & relaxed you unleash the power of your body and mind to feel calm and relaxed, enabling the peaceful, relaxed mind and body to be yours easily and naturally!

Total audio time is approximately 26 minutes

Audio #2: Accept Yourself

Accept Yourself and feel great with hypnosis!

With hypnosis, you will learn how to change your mind, and your mind can change your body.

With this powerfully effective self-hypnosis audio, you will begin to .....

"...accept yourself for what you are. You know that even your best is good enough. For the most important thing in life is you.

And in this wonderful state of hypnosis you can access all the wonderful inner resources that you naturally have.

And knowing not only that you're good enough, you've always been more than good enough.

You choose to love yourself and you choose to accept yourself for the unique human being that you are, and you now trust yourself.

You trust in your powerful, creative subconscious mind. Knowing now that you are good enough. You've always been more than that.

But finally... you're beginning to accept this idea ... as one of your own..."

Total audio time is approximately 24 minutes in length.

Audio #3: Confident & Successful

Be Confident & Successful and feel great with hypnosis!

With hypnosis, you will learn how to change your mind, and your mind can change your body.

With this powerfully effective self-hypnosis audio, you will begin to ...

"... notice that the environment is just right for your success. You are wonderfully relaxed now, as you imagine your past success. Notice now how you can see here, or feel, your past success... and what it truly means to you. In this relaxed, calm, confident state… & you feel so very natural there. It feels so right, feels wonderful, because it is where you belong. You have chosen to be in this relaxed, confident, successful state… and you deserve this and belong here...."

Total audio time is approximately 26 minutes in length.

Audio #4: Sleep Now

Beat insomnia, sleep naturally... and feel great with hypnosis!

With hypnosis, you will learn how to change your mind, and your mind can change your body.

With this powerfully effective "Sleep Paradox" self-hypnosis audio, recorded by Board Certified Hypnotist Rick Paddock your subconscious mind will be lead through a journey of messages designed to reprogram your mental commentary that is keeping you awake.

This is achieved through a binaural beat / binaural message implementation. The audio will start with you hearing the following message....

"Try to stay awake

Do not try to go to sleep

Try as hard as you can

Not to FAAAALLLLLL asleep


With every breath you take,

In and out,

Every beat of your heart,


Do not fall asleep..."

This message fades to one ear, while a new message starts in the other ear, overlapping the first...

"Allow yourself to imagine,

To see and even feel,

That you are in a wonderfully peaceful place,

A special place where everything works out perfectly for you

Exactly as it is supposed to be for you

Imagine yourself noticing everything around you that is wonderful, peaceful, comforting and relaxing,

The air is the perfect temperature,

Not too warm, not too cold, but just exactly how you like it.

You also notice yourself feeling much more relaxed as you breath in this comforting air,

Almost as if the air is filled with tiny sleep inducing molecules

Making you feel very drowsy, very sleepy..."

This paradoxical, confusing crossover self-hypnosis audio will reprogram your subconscious to sleep easily and naturally...

Total Audio time is approximately 30:15.

Audio #5: Rapid Learning and Comprehension:

In the state of mind that we call hypnosis, you naturally amplify and expand your minds natural abilities… including your ability to alter your perception of time. Two minutes of hypnosis can seem like an hour as we can slow time down, or an hour of hypnosis may simply fly by as we speed time up. You can learn a great deal in a few seconds or you can spend hours learning nothing. What matters is that you have now decided that you are ready to learn, quickly, deeply and naturally, retaining and recalling exactly what you wish, as you wish… for your subconscious knowledge is the most reliable knowledge of all. And you now increase your abilities to comprehend and recall at that subconscious level, easily, naturally and automatically.

Audio #6: Exam Success:

Exam Success is now yours!

Prepare your mind for success for any exam, and relax and feel great with hypnosis!

With hypnosis, you will learn how to change your mind, and your mind can change your life!

With this powerfully effective self-hypnosis audio, recorded by Board Certified Hypnotist Rick Paddock you will begin to ...

"... you’re aware that it can be unpleasant to enter an examination room and feel that everything you studied has gone out of your head. Wonderfully, this no longer has to happen. Soon you will realize the power of your subconscious mind… both here in a relaxed state of hypnosis, and in a relaxed state of focus in any exam room or situation you enter..

... your powerful subconscious mind knows that everything you've ever seen or heard or done, is right there in your wonderful subconscious mind. See, sense or imagine yourself now walking into the examination room and sitting down to read the questions, seeing and feeling yourself becoming extremely calm and relaxed. Turning over the paper and read each and every question carefully and thoroughly...

... you will really begin to enjoy the prospect of taking exams, because they are a wonderful chance for you to succeed, and you do succeed because all the knowledge that you need has been assimilated and stored in your wonderful subconscious mind, is so easily accessible to you… because all you need to do is relax.

...if an answer doesn't come to mind immediately, you have developed a method for retrieving the information that you require. You simply close your eyes for a moment or two, and imagine yourself ..."

Your Instructor

Rick Paddock
Rick Paddock

As an instructor, hypnotist and podcaster, Rick loves to teach others about the expansive powers of the human mind. Rick is an Instructor for the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists and the founder and director of the MidAmerica Hypnosis & Mindset Training Center, as well as the Milwaukee Hypnosis & Wellness Center. He is the author and producer of many successful personal improvement products enjoyed by thousands around the world, including three books, and over fifty audio & video programs. He is a sought-after speaker, and has presented at HypnoThoughts Live, the 2018 Virtual Hypnosis Convention and HypnoBizNY. He is also the host and producer of the Mind Flipping podcast, in which he interviews world-class experts in hypnosis, NLP, meditation, neuroscience, and coaching.

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After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you're an enrolled student - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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